Filling our community with delicious coffee, homemade goodness, and a whole lot of love.

Hodgepodge History

Hodgepodge Coffeehouse is a black woman-owned business, based out of Atlanta,GA. As an independent coffeehouse, Hodgepodge has a one-of-a-kind menu featuring craft coffee and scratch-baked goods that are made in-house.

Hodgepodge’s mission is to create a unique space in East Atlanta, where all are welcome to converse over great coffee and food, and it is with this idea that the first location opened up in Ormewood Park. With 3000 square feet of space, this shop has expanded into a gallery space for local artists and a consignment program with local merchants.

Building a community in East Atlanta was a gamble, but it certainly paid off. Although the majority of Hodgepodge’s customers live within a five-mile radius, people from all over the city spent time within Hodgepodge’s walls and asked when the business would expand into their own neighborhoods. There are plenty of other coffee shops people can go to, but Hodgepodge’s customer service and attention to detail, keeps the customers coming in day in and day out.

Hodgepodge’s quest is to fill our community with delicious coffee, homemade goodness and a whole lot of love.