Filling our community with delicious coffee, homemade goodness, and a whole lot of love.


My name is Krystle Rodriguez and I'm the founding owner and current operator of Hodgepodge Coffeehouse in Atlanta. My noter, Mauvelette McNeill is my silent partner who is off enjoying retirement. I had the dream of creating a community space for as long as I can remember. An environment where people can go to simply exist, create or connect. The idea of what kind of space it would be changed over time, but the concept was never far from my mind.

I also created Leaven Kitchen. We wanted to focuses on connecting marginalized groups to resources and each other. I understand this community and its people, and I have spent the last decade dreaming about these spaces and making them into reality. My motivation behind every project is to create an environment for people like me: people who are often overlooked.